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tips from a geek couple

Unplanned C-Section

You’ve spent the past hand­ful of months plan­ning for your baby’s birth day. You’ve read about the advan­tages of a nat­ur­al deliv­ery. Your preg­nan­cy class rec­om­mend­ed to avoid hav­ing a C-sec­tion because of 10 – 20 con­se­quences for you and your baby. You’re also read to not take any pain med­ica­tion nor to get an epidural. 

And when the big day arrives you find out that: The baby doesn’t have enough amni­ot­ic liq­uid. That birth will have to be induced.

Traveling with kids & a camera: Colombia

It’s no secret that Colom­bia has com­pli­cat­ed polit­i­cal prob­lems but it’s a coun­try that can offer you a vari­ety of tourist attrac­tions for every taste. Cold or hot weath­er, jun­gle, moun­tains, desert, ocean, adven­ture; just name it and I can sug­gest you at least 2 places to visit.

The struggle in choosing the "right" elementary school

I have preschool­ers and even I feel pres­sure to push them at this young age. On top of that, teach­ers have so much pres­sure to doc­u­ment and jus­ti­fy what they do and why they do it, the relaxed play­ful envi­ron­ment is com­pro­mised. We con­tin­ue to do the best we can for the kid’s sake, while try­ing to fit into the ever-grow­ing restraints we must work within.

That’s a quote from a pre-school teacher with more than 40 years of expe­ri­ence. And her words describe what I am feel­ing right now.

Are you ready for a second child?

Your answer is NO. On Monday. 

By Thurs­day you’re lean­ing toward Yes but per­haps not until…

Well, let’s face it, there’ll nev­er be a per­fect time to make this decision. 

Life’s always full of sur­pris­es, with it’s fair share of ups and downs. If you wait for all the stars to align, you’ll be wait­ing for a reaal­ly looong time.

Are you ready to be a Father, Again?

The work isn’t dou­ble. It’s exponential!

Not the most encour­ag­ing words from a friend after hav­ing their sec­ond child.

Espe­cial­ly when I had start­ed get­ting used to the idea of being a fam­i­ly of 3. Three’s a good num­ber I thought. The whole fam­i­ly fits on a sin­gle row of an air­plane flight. 

How to not raise a crybaby

Some chil­dren when first walk­ing bare­foot on sand may imme­di­ate­ly start cry­ing. Oth­ers, though weird­ed out may just wig­gle their toes (and per­haps try to give a taste test). 

As par­ents we can help deter­mine whether a child will cry when faced with an an obsta­cle -VS- a child who’ll shrug off a fall or per­se­vere a bit longer before get­ting frustrated.