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Motherhood tips

from a geek couple

Are you ready for a second child?

Your answer is NO. On Monday. 

By Thurs­day you’re lean­ing toward Yes but per­haps not until…

Well, let’s face it, there’ll nev­er be a per­fect time to make this decision. 

Life’s always full of sur­pris­es, with it’s fair share of ups and downs. If you wait for all the stars to align, you’ll be wait­ing for a reaal­ly looong time.

Unplanned C-Section

You’ve spent the past hand­ful of months plan­ning for your baby’s birth day. You’ve read about the advan­tages of a nat­ur­al deliv­ery. Your preg­nan­cy class rec­om­mend­ed to avoid hav­ing a C‑section because of 10 – 20 con­se­quences for you and your baby. You’re also read to not take any pain med­ica­tion nor to get an epidural. 

And when the big day arrives you find out that: The baby doesn’t have enough amni­ot­ic liq­uid. That birth will have to be induced.