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Traveling with kids & a camera: Colombia

Traveling with kids & a camera: Colombia

Trav­el around the world is one of the most deli­cious plea­sures and one of the most hard to accom­plish at the same time. Mon­ey prob­lems, visa lim­i­ta­tions, health or secu­ri­ty risks, not enough vaca­tion time; Just imag­ine your per­fect adven­ture and you’ll find all kind of disadvantages.

How­ev­er, once that you starts trav­el­ing, it will be the best gift for your sens­es, soul and spirit.

Colom­bia #

Typical Arquitecture — Salento, Quindío — Colombia

*Typ­i­cal Arqui­tec­ture — Salen­to, Quindío — Colombia*

It is not a secret that Colom­bia has com­pli­cat­ed socio polit­i­cal prob­lems, which makes it a per­fect exam­ple. Is a coun­try that can offer you a vari­ety of tourist attrac­tions for every taste. Cold or hot weath­er, jun­gle, moun­tains, desert, ocean, adven­ture; just name it and I can sug­gest you at least 2 places to vis­it. As close as 3 – 10 hours by car for $60 USD or 1 – 2 hours by plane for $80 USD.

One hour horse ride between mountains for $15 USD— Valle del Cocora, Quindío — Colombia

*One hour horse ride between moun­tains for $15 USD— Valle del Coco­ra, Quindío — Colombia*

Unlike­ly at what is shown in the news, Colom­bia is a coun­try with great diver­si­ty [and not because I am a Colom­bian girl]

The most dan­ger­ous thing that can hap­pen to you vis­it­ing Colom­bia is to remain self-kid­napped by the kind­ness of its peo­ple, to be lost in the immen­si­ty of its scenery, to be crazy by the exquis­ite taste in its food or delight­ed with its vari­ety in fau­na and flora.

Panaca theme park — Quindío, Colombia

*Panaca theme park — Quindío, Colombia*

Falcon at Jardín Botánico, Tuluá, Valle del Cauca — Colombia

*Fal­con at Jardín Botáni­co, Tuluá, Valle del Cau­ca — Colombia*

Fauna outside of the Hotel ‘La Colina’ — Calarcá, Quindío — Colombia

*Fau­na out­side of the Hotel La Col­i­na’ — Calar­cá, Quindío — Colombia*

Sunset at Mirador Salento, Quindío — Colombia

*Sun­set at Mirador Salen­to, Quindío — Colombia*
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